January 13, 2014

A Hike at Ladybower

Last week was spent trying to figure out where the kingfisher would land so I could get some close-up pictures. As you can see, in the lack of a blog about it, I failed. The area its in is rather full of twigs and bushes, which makes it a bit complicated. Anyhow, the hunt continues.
Until then, you'll have to put up with some pictures from Ladybower where we were on Saturday.  A path that we have taken before, a 14km loop that starts by taking you along the reservoir, then turns right up the hills towards the dark peaks and back along the ridge.
Earlier that morning it had been snowing, and as its rather high up here, the snow was still on the ground. After a while the sun came out too and it almost became warmer. Actually only if you were hiding behind larger rocks, as the wind itself was cooling down to probably around -5 :)
Despite the weather earlier in the day, there were a lot of people walking around. Some better and some worse dressed. Actually saw few with just SHORT on!! Should not be so surprised as its rather normal here in England to underdress for the weather.
Until next time, hope you enjoy the pictures.

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