January 6, 2014

Beaver tracks in Tyresta National Park

Happy New Year All!
I'm back from Christmas holidays, and it's time to get started with photography and blogging again.
While in Sweden I only went out on a photo-sessions once in Tyresta NP as the weather was extremely dull almost every day. It's surprised me how heavy the clouds are there compared to here in UK.
In Tyresta, just to get out and get some light, I followed a so called 'barnvagnslingan' which might translate to 'pram loop' :) that is around 5km long. In the beginning you follow a stream which after a while turns into a lake. A few years ago while living in Stockholm, you could see traces of beavers there, but they now had built proper dams along the stream and almost roads through the forest. Along the path I met couple of other walkers and they were as me pleased to see all this activity. Sadly didn't see a beaver as they nocturnal, and I couldn't be that bothered to wait :)
Another time when out fishing (no trout caught) I was kept company by a Weasel. It was incredibly curious, running back and forward checking me out just 1.5m from me. The sad thing is that I didn't have the camera with me!

This is just a easy start to the New Blogger Year which I hope will be filled with a lot of new photo-adventures. If you have any suggestions on what we should see/do here in UK, let me know.
Until next time!

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