December 6, 2013

Lathkill dale

Last week a friend was off from work, so he wanted to go out and hike somewhere in the Peak District NP. He had found something in the White Peak area called Lathkill dale located near Bakewell that sounded interesting for some hiking.
Lathkill Dale has a history of lead mining and quite often you can see caves, mines and old buildings along the trail that goes through the beautiful valley that is of limestone.
It's very similar to Dove Dale that I blogged about a while ago, but a big difference is the clear water that has a lovely turquoise color. We saw nice trout in the river almost everywhere and even the dipper did join them in the river. We did not go all the way where the valley opens up and shows the limestone cliffs, that because we simply had so much to photograph along the way and it was getting darker so we headed to the car. All in all it was a trip of about 11km.
I can really recommend to go there you can also look for fossils along the trail where lime stone has fallen down from the cliffs.

Old Millstone

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