June 7, 2013

Four evenings with the Ring Ouzel

As I wrote in the previous blog post, I would try to photograph the Ring Ouzel.
Now I have been away four evenings in a row to a place called Stanage Edge which is located in the Peak District National Park.
I've biked from home around 17:30 for an hour later arrive to Stanage edge.
Then I continued on foot to look for the birds, the first day it was relatively easy to find them, it is just  to listen for the male singing  among the rocky landscape.
Second and third day they had moved about 1,5 km other way so i had to walk a bit.
But since the weather has been wonderful with almost no wind and about 18 C and sun, I could not complain.
I have truly enjoyed cycling the long and hilly way up there, but like I said, I definitely think it has been worth it.
Yesterday was the last day I tried to get some good pictures of them, but unfortunately I did not really get the photos I wanted.
I've been there every evening until the sun has gone down and then cycled home, on the way home, I have been looking for owls but have not seen any just heard and I've even heard the cuckoo every evening.
I will return to the Ring Ouzel later this year when hopefully their second brood with young have hatched, then maybe I get even better pictures.
Why shoot these birds then, because for they are rather unusual and I think they are lovely and a bit special.
Next week I will try to shoot Badger we'll see how it goes :))

Camera equipment that I used: Nikon D90 and Nikon 200-400mm f4 vr2

Male Ring Ouzel

Female Ring Ouzel


Young Ring Ouzel


Male and young

Enjoing the sunset

Nice colours


  1. Fina bilder once again och solnedgången är ju bara läcker!!

  2. Smälter för första bilden i serien. Fågeln fångad i morgonljuset och med ekon mellan bergssidorna från alla fåglars kvittrande s a s inbakade i fotot.
    / Deerhunter

    1. Tack Klas!
      Jo det är underbart att vara ute sena kvällar eller morgnar, så mycket fågelkvitter överallt.