May 31, 2015

End of season.

The first week of May it was the Grand finale of this seasons snow-mobiling. The plan was to have the starting point in Vouggatjålme and from there take the snowmobiles with trailer to the mountains around Merkenes.
Friday morning we arrived while it was raining quite a lot. According to the forecast it was to clear up for Saturday and Sunday so we didn't think to much of that. Gladly we are not made of sugar so we set off towards the Norwegian border after a short power nap. It was still full winter there so while driving we enjoyed the views and concluded that this was to be another damn fun weekend :) We thought so at least....After some 'searching' we eventually found the perfect play ground where we spend the whole day more or less. Driving back my brother mentioned though that his snowmobile was behaving a bit odd. It was loosing power even with the full throttle on. Next morning we took the snowmobile to a mechanic anyway, not to make it worse and hoping it was nothing serious. The bad news came rather quickly, he didn't have the parts needed. Crap! This fun weekend came to its end :( With 2 days of driving left it was more than 'a shame' it was awful...
Instead of moaning, to be fair we did a lot of that anyway, we took the car and went to Norway for sightseeing. First stop being a glacial pothole. It was said to be a big one, 4m in diameter and several meters deep while they tend to be not more than around 1m, and it WAS. Huge!
After that we drove along the coast and enjoyed the scenery with occasional stop for photography including two larger waterfalls. Time passed by quickly and suddenly it was time to get back for some BBQ. 
Better luck next year! 
Brother flying


Me flying ;)


boat houses, Norway


Nice rock pattern

Big waterfall around 30-40m

More waterfall

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Merkenes 748m above sea level


  1. Joo ingen lycklig slut på denna saga 😔 men som du säger så blev det rätt okej ändå.
    Sista bilden kan misstolkas då det är där du står där vägen har högsta punkten och inte berget ;)

  2. Fräsig första bild. Trist med grejor som inte kan användas som tänkt men vi människor är rätt bra på att improvisera fram andra aktiviteter.
    / Deerhunter

  3. Tråkigt med skotern, men ni verkar ju ha funnit en del annat att göra. Fina bilder.

    Ha det gott,