February 5, 2015

Snowmobile in Arjeplog mountains

As mentioned earlier I'm planning to spend lot of my time up north with my brother and snowmobile.
So just a week back I was up there. Landed late Wednesday evening in Luleå with just enough time to get few hours of sleep before heading 500km further north towards Vouggatjolme, Kärnberg more specifically.
We were unlucky with the weather as it was snow storms most of the time whilst there. Although as we say here in Sweden, 'There is not bad weather just bad cloths' :) Anyhow we were not to be cold as we were bound to get stuck in all that snow that had fallen, more then a meter in some areas.
As you can imagine, if you get stuck with a 200kg beast in a meter of snow and you need to first dig it out and then try to flatten it out so that the track will get a grip.
Even without those issues it's hard and challenging to drive in deep powder in the forest. You need to stay focused, be prepared to turn at any point, regulate the gas and keep up with the body at the same time. I'm making it sound simple, but it is not :)
Despite the storm we had great four days!
Next time I'm heading up is early March, so please keep fingers crossed for better weather which also means more pictures (Wasn't able to use the camera due to snowstorms)
Brother in action

Brother in the powder

Where is the snowmobile

In the woodland

Brother riding up for a steep slope

Side hilling


  1. Fina färger och visst var det jäkligt kul!
    Snart dags igen 👊😆

  2. Full Action!!!
    Härliga, fartfyllda bilder från norr. Ni ser ut att ha haft kul.


  3. Tack för era kommentarer! :)
    Broder: visst fan det gjorde jag ju :( men nästa gång så ;)

  4. Ser riktigt härligt ut!! Häftiga bilder :)

  5. Trean ser riktigt cool ut...
    / Deerhunter