June 7, 2014

More pics from London

So to the second day in London. By now we had done the touristy parts and it was time to explore the calmer and "luxurious" neighbourhoods. It felt like it anyway because of the gorgeous houses, the fancy shops and the posh sports cars cruising around. Rather close to all of this are the two huge and gorgeously green oases; Hyde Park and Regent Park which should not be forgotten when visiting London.
The area that felt that extra posh was Belgravia, where famous Harrods is and all the nice museums.  We actually never went into the Harrodsit was anyway just another expensive shop ;)
We did though visited both the 'Victoria and Albert' and the 'Natural History' museum that are well worth the walk, even if its just to stand outside and look at the grand façade. 
Going back I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the train station St Pancras which is 'just another' amazing building :))

Today the heavy clouds are covering Sheffield and the rain is flooding the streets, which just means, out and test how waterproof the cloths are :))

Until next time, enjoy!
Buckingham Palace

St Margaret's Church




Natural history museum

Natural history museum

Natural history museum

Natural history museum, Stone and mineral collection

 Hyde Park

I liked the tiling on this Underground ststion

St Pancras

Inside St Pancras


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