June 5, 2014

London weekend

Not long after coming back from the Northern Ireland, it was time to visit London. As I have never been to a really big city like that, I was actually looking forward to it.
Got there Saturday around lunch time and the plan was just to walk around and see as many touristic attractions as possible, which most are located along the Thames.
Of course I was impressed by the architecture of the bridges, churches and everything else. That day we probably walked well above 20km, which meant that the feet were a bit sore that evening :)
I was planning to do lots of evening pictures, but since we already had walked a lot the only places that I got to were the Palace of Westminster, London Eye and Big Ben.
The second day we moved away from the tourist attractions but lets talk about that in the next blog :)

St Paul's cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

Millennium bridge

Hms Belfast

Hms Belfast

Tower Bridge

Tower bridge

Tower of London on the right


Leadenhall market


London eye

Palace of Westminster and Big Ben

Piccadilly circus

London eye in evening sun

Night time

Big Ben

Big Ben

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