April 21, 2013


Lately I have been few times down to the Botanical Garden, as the spring is approaching new flowers are coming up daily, and some of them have surprisingly short life span that if I'm not there for two day I risk to miss them completly.
So for few weeks ahead you will have to put up with photos of flowers and plants :))

Just couple of days ago I discovered an amazing and huge rhododendron, about 6m high there. I did't even know that they could get so high, it was more like a tree. I was actually most surprised that I have not seen it before, it being so high and all the bright flowers on it.
It is incredibly beautiful with all its flowers and smells heavenly. The pics below are showing it from slightly different angles and with some different lenses.
As usual with flowers, I find it difficult to adjust the composition but here are a selection of photos from the tour.

Camera equipment: Nikon 3Ds and nikon 50mm f 1.8, tamron macro 90mm f2.8 lenses.


  1. Vilken otroligt stor rhododenderon! jag har aldrig sett någon liknande. Sköna bilder som verkligen visar hela spektrat från macro till träd i full storlek. Roligt att få se hur våren bryter fram hos dig. Här är vi betydligt senare men vad gör det...
    Fortsatt trevlig vecka!
    / maria

  2. Det finns verkligen helt gigantiska rhododendronträd här. Bakom Endcliffe Park, jag tror det är Silverdale Road upp mot Graham Road är det massa stora hus och de har rhododendron nästan lika stora som husen :)


    1. Ok tack för infot Anna!
      Jag ska kolla där nån dag :)