January 31, 2013


Here are some more Kingfisher pictures, from the time when it still was snow, the snow disappeared for 1.5 weeks ago and after that it has been spring-time temperatures.
But instead it is very windy, and we also had thunderstorms two times, which feels a little bit strange  in late January :))
For some images I have used 2.0 teleconverter and 200-400mm lens, and that's because i wanted to get closer to the bird.

But it has the disadvantage that its aperture is f8 instead of f4 which means it needs lot more light or raise the Iso on the camera, which does not feel good because the quality of the image gets even worse.
The sharpness of the images also becomes worse and to get the best out of the combo, you should increase the aperture to 11 or more, but then it becomes even more difficult with the light.
Well enough about that, every time  I've been to the kingfisher I've tried to get the pictures of it when it's flying or splashing in to the water images, but it's so incredibly difficult.
The little bird is so fast, so the moment when it dives from the branch into the water is lightning fast and  to see where it lands and then try to point the camera there seems hopelessly impossible.
But today I'm going down again, I hope it is still there otherwise I will enjoy the the storm winds.


  1. Would love to spend more time with you out when you are photographing. Amazing pictures!

  2. Jag hade varit överlycklig om bild 2 hade kommit fram ur min kamera. Så originellt bildupplägg fint komponerat, konverter eller ej. Du har rätt, de är små och snabba i sina dyk och jag har ännu inte hittat fiskaren i de två nedre bilderna... / Deerhunter

  3. Snyggt fångad juvel i flykten! Imponerande bild, ge dig inte så får du snart en bild när den splashar ner i vattnet.